Actions Tracker

Actions Tracker is a common platform for all users to reply, park, approve, reject, monitor, check, track and monitor any recommendations.

Your Ultimate One Stop Actions Tracking and Risk Management Solution

Planning, tracking and closing of actions has never been easier

It is often critical for any company to have a reliable and effective HSE Actions Tracking Tool. The current paper/ email based engineering workflow often requires additional man-power to issue actions individually and track actions to completion. The process is usually fragmented and not fulfilling the various QC requirements, not to mention extended schedule and resources required to close out 100s to 1000s of actions leading to high risk of project overruns.

Working from home becomes the norm, and it is more tedious to admin and follow up on who’s holding up the actions.

In the era where productivity is digitized, organizations need to automate.

Our Actions Tracker module, is a simple yet powerful workflow product. It is designed with the problems in mind, by engineers who understood the process and problem, such that the users do not have to suffer. Actions Tracker and Management tools  is for oil & gas, specifically designed workflow tools for risk assessments such as HAZID, HAZOP for EPCIC cycles.

The main function of the software is to enable all of the recommendations and actions to be automated and managed efficiently with minimal effort. All stake-holders can then easily view the status and mange the actions accordingly.

It offers:

  • Immense cost benefit
  • Reduced resources requirement
  • Significant time saving
  • Complete package from tracking to reporting to close out report generation

Main Features

The main features of ehs tools – Actions Tracker:

  • Complete Out of the Box Solution
    Hit the ground running from day 1.
  • Risk Management DNA
    Assimilation of your existing risk matrix and templates into the solution, enabling risk based prioritization.
  • Dashboard and Email Reminders
    Intuitive dashboards for all needs.
  • Tracking and PMT Reporting
    Multitude of reporting tools and integration based on Business Intelligence.
  • Flexible Routing
    Multiple and flexible routings, across organizations and borders. Re-delegation, multiple approvals, withdrawals, etc.
  • Shorten Engineering Cycle
    Clear roadblocks along the critical path.

Use Cases

The use cases are unlimited, bound only by your imagination.


HAZards IDentification (HAZID)


HAZards and OPerability (HAZOP)


Construction Risk Assessment (CRA)


Formal Safety Assessments (FSAs)


Minutes of Meeting (MOM)


As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) Workshops